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There are usually three cups, each a separate sponsored entity, but all under the supervision of the English FA, and they are:

The FA Cup- One of the oldest cups in the history of soccer/football, it's inaugural tournament was held in the 1871-72 season, though many of the clubs we know today had not been formed yet. Manchester City are the latest winners of this trophy.

The League Cup- Also known as the Carling Cup, due to it's main sponsor, Carling. Birmingham City are the latest winners of the League Cup, but have been relegated to the n.power League Championship as well.

The Community Shield- Played between the winners of the league and the winners of the FA Cup. If the league winners win the domestic double, comprising of both the league and cup, the runner's up from the league play in the community shield. Manchester United beat Manchester City 3-2 to win the latest edition of the Community Shield.

The Community Shield's counterpart in Spain is the Super Cup de Espana, and in Italy is known as a supercup.

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Q: How many cups are in the barclays premier league?
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