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India has won 5 tests against Australia since 1949

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Q: How many cricket test matches has India won in Australia?
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How many matches were played in India in cricket world 2011?

9 matches

How many Test Matches have been played between India and Southafrica?

According to Cricket Archive, Sachin Tendulkar has played in 46 Test matches which India have lost.

How many cricket matches Australia wins continuously?

26 matches i tnig so....

How many Test matches have India and Australia played in India?

There have been a total of 42 Test matches played between India and Australia in India.

How many matches did indias cricket team win?

india cricket team win Aprox. 1918 to 2011 : 68 Matches

How many cricket matches Australia wins continuously in world cup?

34 matches till date

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How many cricket test matches did k.srikanth play for India?

43 tests.

How many matches will be in India world cup cricket 2011?

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