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Q: How many countries participated in the first world cup tournament Uruguay 1930?
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What country play first world cup in 1930?

13 countries participated in the first World Cup. Uruguay won.

How many countries participated in the first world cup 1930?

13 teams participated in the 1930 World Cup. These are as follows:ArgentinaChileFranceMexicoYugoslaviaBrazilBoliviaUruguayRomaniaPeruUSParaguayBelgium

When was the first football world cup tournament held?

1930 in Uruguay. Uruguay won.

The number of countries that participated in the first Asian games was?

11 Countries Participated in first Asian Games

What year was the World Cup created?

the first tournament was held in Uruguay in 1930

How many countries first participated in the international geophysical year?

67 different countries participated! :3

Was the first world cup held in 1940?

No, 1930, in Uruguay who won the tournament as well.

How many countries have participated in 1896 first olympic?

14 countries

What are the countries that are participated in first world cup?


How many countries participated in the First Asian Games?

a total of 9 countries participated in india, new delhi in 1951

In what year was the first soccer World Cup?

The first FIFA World Cup tournament was held in 1930 and hosted by Uruguay.

Did Brazil win the very first world cup tournament?

The first fifa world cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.