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Q: How many countries participated in the 1992 winter Olympics?
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How many countries participated in the 1992 Olympics to play Football and who were they?

Think there were 8 nations at 1992 football Olympics

Which winter Olympics has Ireland participated in?

since 1992 except when they missed the 1994 games.

Were there winter Olympics in 1992?

Yes, the 1992 Winter Olympics were held in Albertville, France.

Who is the only person to compete for Australia at a summer Olympics and a Winter Olympics?

Hi, Paul Narracott became the first Australian to compete at both the Summer and Winter Olympics: he had competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics in athletics, and participated in bobsleigh in 1992. Hope it helps!

Who hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics?

The 1992 Winter Olympics took place in Albertville, France.

How many countries participated in the 1992 Cricket World Cup?

9 countries participated in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

What Olympics did Kristi Yamaguchi compete in?

Kristi Yamaguchi participated in one Olympics, the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville where she won a gold medal in women's singles figure skating.

What Monaco leaders have participated in the Olympics?

Prince Albert competed in bobsleigh for Monaco at the 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, and 2002 Winter Games.

How many men participated in the 1992 Summer Olympics?

Of the 9356 competitors in the 1992 Summer Olympics, 6652 were men.

When were the Olympics held in Barcelona?

Barcelona, Spain hosted the 25th Summer Olympic Games in 1992.The 25th Summer Olympics were held July 25, 1992 - August 9, 1992. There were 257 events in 25 sports, and 169 countries participated.

Why was there no winter Olympics in 1992?

There was a Winter Olympics in 1992 ... it was held in Albertville, France between February 8 and February 23.

Where was the 1996 winter Olympics?

There was not a 1996 winter Olympics. There was a winter Olympics in 1992 and then another one in 1994 to make it so that the winter and summer Olympics were not in the same year.

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