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Around 250 countries tried out for the 2010 FIFA tournement but only 32 of those teams have made it then from those 32 teams the top two teams in each pool will go on which leaves 16 teams then it goes to the top 8 teams (Quater Finals) then to top 4 teams (Semifinals) and then top the top 2 teams (Finals). The top 5 favoutite teams to win the cup are Brazil, Spain, Aregentina, Portugal, and Germany

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Q: How many countries have been eliminated at the 2010 world cup?
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Who has been eliminated from 2010 world cup?


Is France out of World Cup 2010?

France have been eliminated from the World Cup 2010 in the Group stages.

Which countries are involved in the World Cup?

32 countries has been involved in fifa world cup in 2010

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How good are the italian's at soccer?

The Italians are one of the best soccer teams. They have won 4 FIFA World Cups, but have been eliminated in the 2010 WC

How many times has the world cup been won?

The world cup has been won 18 times by different countries. 2010 world cup is world cup number 19.

Name the countries that have been knocked out of the 2010 world cup?

All 208 FIFA member countries participate in the World Cup qualifiers, with only 32 making it to the World Cup Finals. As such, the list of countries is pretty huge.

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How many African countries have been in the World Cup?

In the world cup 2010 Cameroon,Nigeria,South Africa,Ivory Coast,Ghana,Algeria.

How many World Cups have there been in 2010?

2010 is the 19th world cup.

What year did the US team for womans world cup get eliminated first?

The US team for the women's world cup has never been eliminated first. In fact, they have made it to the top 4 for every single women's world cup.

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