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A total of 40 countries or NOCs had at least an athlete in the Qualification for the Equestrian events

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Q: How many countries competed in equestrian at the 2012 Olympics?
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How many countries competed in 2012 summer Olympics?


How many athletes are in 2012 Olympics games?

10,820 athletes from 204 countries competed in the 2012 London Olympics.

How many athletes were there in London 2012 Olympics?

10,820 athletes from 204 countries competed in the 2012 London Olympics.

Who has done the Olympics for the longest?

Equestrian Ian Millar of Canada is expected to compete at the 2012 Games in London. If he does, and barring disaster he will, he will compete in his 10th Olympics and set the record for most Olympics competed in. Currently, Ian is tied with sailor Hubert Raudaschl of Austria who also competed in 9 Olympics.

What Olympics has Reed Kessler competed in?

olympics london 2012

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No she was not one of the British Weightlifters who competed in the 2012 Olympics

When did Italy last competed in the Olympics?

Italy were competitors in the 2012 Olympics.

How many countries competed in the London 2012 Olympics?

205 countries participated in the 2012 London Olympics according to the official London Olympics web site with a total of 10,961 athletes. See related links below for the list of countries and number of athletes from each country.

What countries competed in the 2012 Olympics?

Around 10,500 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) took part.

Will Michael Phelps compete in the 2012 Olympics yes?

He competed in the 2012 Olympics. If you're talking about the 2016 Olympics, he is undecided.

How many athletes participated in the London 2012 Olympics?

There are 10,960 athletes participating in the London Olympics. 6098 are men . 4862 are women.They are from 205 countries.

What nations competed in the summer 2012 Olympics?

204 nations competed and are listed on related link

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