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Seventy-one (71) countries and dependencies competed in the 2010 Commonwealth Games

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Q: How many countries competed in India in the 2010 Commonwealth Games?
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What countries competed in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?

Ten countries that competed at the 2006 Commonwealth Games were Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya and Jamaica.

How many players from India at were at the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

215 athletes from India competed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Which countries organized commonwealth games before India?

Australia organised the Commonwealth Games before India did.

How did India perform in the 1954 Commonwealth Games in the UK?

In 1954 the British Empire and Commonwealth Games, as they were called then, were held in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, not in the United Kingdom. India competed but did not win any medals.

In which two countries were previous Commonwealth Games played?

The last two Commonwealth Games were held in Scotland (Glasgow) and India (Delhi).

Names of the countries readmitted in Commonwealth games 2010?


When did India join the Commonwealth Games?

India joined the Commonwealth Games in 1934.

Should countries like India host Commonwealth Games?

India is part of the Commonwealth; a number of countries under British rule. All countries in the Commonwealth are entitled to host the Commonwealth Games. If by "should", you mean that it is seen as a rather poor country, you are wrong. India is a fairly big business capital, because lots of trade happens there. It is on par with, say, Thailand or Malaysia.

What countries have hosted the commonwealth games but not the Olympics games?

New Zealand, Jamaica and Malaysia, and in 2010, India.

Name two Commonwealth countries other than The Bahamas?

Two other Commonwealth Games nations are India and Kenya.

How many commonwealth games has India been to?

India has been to fourteen Commonwealth Games.

When did India host the commonwealth games?

India hosted the Commonwealth Games only once in 2010.

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