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205 nations are participating in 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

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Q: How many countries are represented in the youth Olympics 2010?
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Related questions

How many countries are participating in Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics?


How many countries are at the 2010 Olympics?

There are 200 countries at the 2010 olympics.

Where will the 2010 youth Olympics be held?

In Singapore.

When is the first Youth Olympics?

In 2010 in Singapore.

How many countries are competing in the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics?

88 countries competed in the 2010 olympics.

What countries are in the 2014 Olympics?

There was 88 countries at the 2014 olympics. 6 more countries than at the 2010 Olympics.

When did the youth Olympics start?

The Youth Olympic games started on 14 August, 2010.

How many countries taking part in 2010 Olympics?

There are no summer Olympics in 2010.

Where are the 2010 summer Olympics going to be?

There are no 2010 Summer Olympics. The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Vancouver, Canada. The 2012 Summer Olympics will take place in London, England. However there is a 2010 Youth Olympics taking place in Singapore.

During which year were the first Youth Olympics held?


When will the 2010 Youth Olympics be held?

From 14 to 26 August.

How many nations are represented in the 2010 Olympics?

35 Nations

Which countries compete in the winter Olympics?

witch countries compete in the winter Olympics 2010

What are the names of the mascots for the Singapore Youth Olympics 2010?

Lyo and Merly.

Who is winning the youth Olympics games 2010?

It iz currently unknown.

What countries participate in hand ball in the Olympics 2010?

Handball is part of the summer Olympics. So there was no Handball in the Olympics 2010, which was winter Olympics

Who will host the 2010 Olympics?

It would be be Singapore. In 2008, Singapore was announced to be the hosting city of the Youth Olympics. Youth Olympics would be mostly held by cities in the world to allow them to have a chance of hosting such events. The Youth Olympics is a good platform for young athletics to train themselves and get experience.

Has Tahiti ever been represented at the Olympics?

No, through the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Tahiti has never participated in the Olympics.

How many countries will paticipate in 2010 Olympics?

over 80 countries

How many countries are competing in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games?

There will be 77 countries involved in the 2010 winter Olympics this year. the 2010 Winter Olympics will have 80 plus nations competing. the next Summer Olympics will be on 2012 and will be in London.

How many countries participate iin the 2010 winter Olympics?

82 countries

How many countries are competing in the Winter Olympics 2010?

There are 85 countries competing.

How many athletes and countries participated in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

2,566 athletes from 82 different nations competed at the 2010 Olympics.

How many countries are particapating in the 2010 Olympics?


How many countries particapated in the 2010 Olympics?