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101 countries

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2008-05-24 07:30:29
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Q: How many countries are members of the International Cricket Council?
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What countries are members of the international cricket council?

all countries which r playing cricket are the members of icc

How many countries are recognised by ICC as cricket playing countries?

There are 106 countries recognised by ICC as cricket playing countries; out of whick 10 are Full Members, 36 are Associate Members and 60 are Affiliate Members.

How many countries are in the security council?

There are 5 countries that are permanent members.

What countries play cricket?

The International Cricket Coucil has over 101 members or countries. There are 10 full members who are qualified to play test cricket. These are England Sri lanka South Africa India Pakistan West Indies New Zealand Australia Bangladesh Zimbabwe Ireland don't forget them cananda also

How many countries are the members of the Security Council of the UN?


What is a correct description of the Security Council of the United Nations?

The Security Council has elected and permanent members.

How many International cricket teams are there in the world?

International Teams under iCC with Full membership(include test cricket ) are 10 34 assosiate members(these teams do not qualify for Test Cricket), 60 affiliate members(These teams play under the rules of ICC & play ICC event of world cricket league).

What 15 members work to maintain international peace?

The 15 members who work to maintain international peace refers to the United Nations Security Council. Permanent members of the council include China, France, the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Which countries have permanent members of the united nations security council?

There are 15 Security Council members. Five of these-China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States-are permanent members

What is the reason that Germany and Japan are not the permanent members of the security council?

Because in the World War II they were the enemies of the countries wich are the permanent members of the security council now.

Why is cricket unpopular in south America?

Cricket has a distinct English heritage. Almost all countries who regularly play cricket (especially international cricket) are members of the Commonwealth of Nations (primarily nations formerly part of the British Empire) or have otherwise had extensive English contact over the years.Only one South American nation fits this description: Guyana, but Guyana plays cricket as part of the West Indies.That being said, Argentina is actually an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council, meaning they have an established cricket organization but are not among the highest class of competing nations. Other South American nations are slowly getting into the game as well. Still, the interest in cricket in South America pales against that of futbol (soccer).

Security council of the united nation?

The Security Council is responsible for the maintenance international security and peace. The council is made up of fifteen members, and each member has one vote.

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