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There were 32 countries in the 2010 world cup.

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Q: How many countries are involved in 2010 world cup south Africa game?
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Was Africa involved in world war 2?

Africa was involved in World War 2. During the second World War, South Africa was on the Allies side fighting against the Axis.

Which countries were involved in the scramble for Africa World War I?

Europeans (APEX)

What African countries were neutral in World War 2?

South Africa

Which countries are competing in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

South Africa

Which are the countries in the host of fifa world cup 2010?

It is South Africa.

What are 4 countries in the world?

America, China, South Africa and Canada

what is the list of rich countries in west Africa?

south africa they did host the world cup 2010

How does South Africa make their money?

In the 1970's South Africa was one of the richest countries in the world with a large economy South Africa produced the most gold, diamonds and coal of all countries in the world, it had a minus inflation the ZAR currency was 0.32 ZAR to 1 USD 1 ZAR was 3.03 US dollar then there is agriculture South Africa was feeding the whole of Africa and some other countries in the world

Is there war and poverty in south africa today?

Poverty still exists in South Africa and other countries around the world. Currently war is not happening in South Africa.

How much countries are there in earth?

There are European, Asian, South American, North American, South Africa. There are somuch countries in the world

How many African countries have hosted the football world cup?

Only south Africa have hoisted the world cup in Africa.

How many countries from South America going to participate in 2010 world cup?

The countries will be South africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Algeria.

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