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207 countries play soccer

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Q: How many counties is soccer played in?
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How many people played soccer in 2000?

1 billion people played soccer in 2000

How many soccer games have been played?

it is estimated by "Steltz" that 600,670,992,552,617,005 games of soccer have been played globally.

Places were soccer is played?

Soccer is played at Connections, in a soccer field, and any other places where soccer is played.

How many game are played in soccer?

depends on the league

How many times has Italy played England in soccer?

They have played each other 34 times and it is called football not 'soccer' thank you.

How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?

They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)

How many counties in netherland?

how many states or counties in holland

How many counties does Georgia have?

159 counties

How many counties are in Wisconsin?

72 Counties

How many counties are in Hawaii?

There are five counties.

How many counties does Utah have?

29 counties

How many counties does Hawaii have?

7 counties

How many English counties are there?

40 counties.

How many counties does Arkansas have?

there are 75 counties

How many Australian players have played soccer in England?


When is soccer played?

Soccer is played mostly from spring to fall.

Which sport is more popular in the world football or soccer?

i am a massive football fan but in truth soccer is a lot bigger than football. soccer Is played in pretty much every country around the globe and loved. The world cup qualifier's of soccer this year had 139 countries enter the competition in the qualifying rounds. Football doesn't even have a world cup because not enough counties play it. yes soccer is played in many countries. so soccer i would say is more popular... but a lot of us like football better.

Where is soccer played at?

On a soccer feild..?

How many years have Marco Fabian played soccer?

He has played 4 10 years

Where in England was soccer played?

soccer? don't you mean football? soccer isn't played in the UK

What are the differences between volleyball and soccer?

Volleyball is played with a volleyball while soccer is played with a soccer.

How many counties are in Montana?

There are 56 counties in Montana.

How many counties are in GA?

There are 159 counties in Georgia.

How many counties are in Illinois?

There are 102 counties in Illinois.

How many counties does North Carolina have?

it has 100 counties... ;)