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There are 11 conferences in NCAA Division in which a college has a football team. The exist in all areas of the United States.

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Q: How many conferences are in the NCAA?
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How many conferences are in NCAA basketball?

There are 32 Divisions in D-I NCAA basketball.

How many NCAA division 1 football conferences are there?


How many conferences are in NCAA Division 1 football?


How many conferences are being represented in the 2009 NCAA tournament?


If there are 348 schools in ncaa men's basketball how many are in power conferences?


When two different NCAA Conferences play against each other which Conference's rules do they follow?

NCAA has the same rules for all teams in all conferences.

How many colleges are there in the NCAA?

The NCAA is an association that regulates 1,281 colleges, including several conferences and organizations. In addition, the NCAA is broken up into three separate divisions, based on a variety of factors.

How many Division 1 NCAA womens basketball teams are there?

There are 338 teams within 37 conferences

What conferences have won the most NCAA championships?


What is the NCAA?

The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association - the association which regulates athletes of 1281 institutions, conferences and organizations, including many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

How many NCAA division 1 mens basketball schools are there?

There are 347 schools in 32 Division I basketball conferences.

How many Division 1 NCAA basketball teams are there?

346 teams in 32 conferences plus 4 independent schools.

How many conferences in division one?

There are now 32 conferences in Division I with the recent addition of the Great West Conference. They currently do not have an autmoatic bid for their champion to go to the NCAA Basketball Tournament and will not have one for at least four years.

How many colleges play NCAA Division 1 mens basketball?

348 schools spread throughout 32 conferences with 7 independents

How many ncaa division-II women's basketball team are there?

There are 303 as of today. These come from 22 regional conferences and 22 unaffiliated schools.

What conference has not won an NCAA tournament game?

Great West and Independent conferences

What is the sec?

In college sports, the SEC is the Southeastern Conference. It is one of the NCAA Division I conferences.

What schools from major conferences have never won an NCAA tourney game?

Belmont, Vermont, Norfolk St,

How long has NCAA been around?

The NCAA was founded in 1906 as a response to White House conferences called by President Theodore Roosevelt that encouraged reform. The original name was the Intercollegiate Athletic Association, the NCAA was taken up in 1910.

Why do NCAA football have conferences and not NFL?

The NFL does have conferences -- two of them. The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFL). The two conference winners play each other in the Super Bowl.

How many NCAA Division 1 conferences are there in football?

11 Conferences, Plus 1 group of independents = 12 ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Conference USA, Mid-America, Mountain West, Pac 10, SEC, Sun Belt, WAC, IA Independents

What are the requirements to have a conference championship game in NCAA football?

There really are none. The conferences that hold championship games are those that have so many teams that they are broken into two divisions. The winner of each division will play in the championship game to crown a conference champion. Conferences that are not broken into two divisions do not have a championship game.

What is the only team from the Big 6 power conferences to have never reached the NCAA tournment in basketball?

Northwestern in the Big Ten.

What year did the NCAA adopt the three point line?

The NCAA officially adopted the 3 point basket in 1986. It was experimented and used in some conferences prior to that but didn't become official as we know it until the '86-'87 season.

When did the NCAA add the 3 point shot?

Several individual conferences allowed the 3-point shot, beginning with the Southern Conference in 1980. The NCAA allowed it in all schools in 1986.

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