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The Bulldogs have won two consensus NCAA Division 1-A college football National Championships and 12 Southeastern Conference championships.

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Q: How many conference championships for Georgia football?
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How many SEC championships does The University of Georgia have?

The University of Georgia Bulldogs have 12 SEC conference championships.

How many sec football championships does tennessee have?

They have 16 conference championships and 6 national titles.

How many conference championships does Michigan wolverines have in football?

Michigan has 42

How many d1 conference football national championships does the sec have?


How many ncaa football championships has Alabama won?

Alabama has won 13 National Championships and 22 SEC Conference Championships.

How many football conference championships has the University of Kentucky won?

Two - 1950 & 1977.

How many championships New England Patriots have?

They have three NFL championships and four additional American Football Conference titles.

How many conference championships has Nebraska won?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season Nebraska has won 48 conference championships. Click on the 'Nebraska's Conference Championships' link on this page to see a list of those 48.

How many football championships has University of South Carolina won?

The Gamecocks have not won a national championship and have won 2 conference championships ... 1969 when they played in the Atlantic Coast Conference and 2010 in the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference.

How many times has Georgia won the conference championship in football?

Georgia has won the SEC 12 times

How many conference championships do the Dallas Cowboys have?

Since the 1970 merger of the National Football League and the American Football League, the Dallas Cowboys have won a record eight National Football Conference titles.

How many national football championships has georgia won?

They have won 2 1942 and 1980

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