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Q: How many concussions were suffered by nhl players in 2008-2009?
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How many concussions did Steve young have?

Steve Young suffered from 7 diagnosed concussions during his NFL carreer. However the number may have been even higher.

How many NHL players have concussions per year?

at least 10 maybe more

How many nfl players get concussions each year from helmet to helmet contact?

34 to 100

What percentage of soccer players have brain damage from head shots?

Nobody knows, but the problem is a concerning one. Many soccer players have been shown to have sustained concussions, especially from repeated 'headers', and concussions (even mild ones) have been shown to be precursors, sometimes, for TBI (traumatic brain injury).

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What are some bad things about soccer that start with the letter C?

concussions - Many soccer players experience a concussion from hitting the ball with their head.

How many concussions has Steve Young had?


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How many grades in a concussion?

there are 3 grades of concussions

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