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Q: How many compulsory corner flags are required in football?
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How many flags are needed in a premiership football match?

4 corner flags. 2 linesmen offside flags.

What college football flags are offered by the FootballFanatic website?

Almost all college flags from any of the college football teams are offered. The website is the best option for flags of any kind. Not just college flags.

Where did flags originate from?

Football or Soccerball

How many flags are there in football?


Which sports use flags?

American football and Nascar are two sports in which flags are used.

What is a flag pattern in football?

It means that there was a penalty on the previous play The flag is the thing the referees throw out

Why do some clubs have square corner flags and other clubs have triangular flags?

Those who have triangular flags have won the FA cup. any one can use any shape of flag as long as you have a flag on top of corner pole - many clubs use Pennant style or Moon Flags to make them stand out you do not need to have won a cup or league competition

What is the size and colour of the corner flags on a lawn bowls green?

blue and gold

Where were the flags made that were used at the football games today?


What is the web address for Tattoo and Airbrush Corner Store at six flags America?

The flags in soccer?

they help show whether the ball went out for a corner kick or throw in

What is the size of the cloth on the soccer flag?

The only official flags associated with soccer are the four corner flags. The Laws of the Game (LOTG), specifically Law 1, do not prescribe a specific size for the cloth on the flags. The corner flag poles must be at least 1.5m (5 ft) tall with a non-pointed top.