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Q: How many colors of buffalo are there?
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What are the Buffalo Bills colors?

Blue and Red

Can buffalo see colors?

it depends if its color blind.

What are the official colors of the buffalo Sabres?

blue and gold :)

What colors were the plains Indians clothes?

They were typically brown, like buffalo skin.

How many species of buffalo are there?

There are 3 species of buffalo

How many buffalo were there in 1800s?

approximately 47,235 buffalo

How many Buffalo species are there?

There are 3 species of buffalo

What does the Buffalo Bills logo look like?

The Buffalo Bills logo is traditionally blue and red and edged in white (US colors). It displays a buffalo in mid-charge, its head ducked down, and a streak of red running through it.

How many buffalo did buffalo bill kill a year?


Why did many buffalo hunters come to kill buffalos?

Because many Indians depended on buffalo for many of their needs.

How many colors of canaries are there?

many colors

How many calories are in buffalo?

In Buffalo millions. Its a city full of fast food eaters and deep fry meats... Or do you mean How many calories are in a Buffalo meat

How many years does a buffalo live for?

a buffalo lives for about 40 years

How many pages does The Buffalo Saga have?

The Buffalo Saga has 128 pages.

How many pages does The Night Buffalo have?

The Night Buffalo has 236 pages.

How many bones does buffalo have?


How many colors are there in an Olympic flag?

many colors

How many buffalo were left after the civil war?

2 million buffalo were left

Why was the near extinction of the buffalo bad for many Native Americans?

The near extinction of the buffalo was bad for many Native American because of how much they depended on the buffalo for a variety of needs.

How many colors of Mercury do you have?

howw many colors do Mercury have

How many buffalo are there?


How many teats does a buffalo have?

If by "buffalo" you mean the American Bison, it appears they have four teats.

How many different colors do lilies come in?

they come in many colors

Colors of the Buffalo Bills?

Baby blue, white and dark blue, home jersey color should be baby blue.

What colors are turtles attracted to?

many colors