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they have 28

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2012-10-07 00:33:29
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Q: How many college football national championships does Princeton have?
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Which college coach has won multiple football national championships?


Who is second in national college football championships?

Yale #1 Princeton #2

How many championships has Princeton won?

They have won 28 national titles in college football

How many wins and national championships does UNC have in college football?

The University of North Carolina does not have any national championships in football.

How many College Football National Championships do the Wisconsin Badgers have?

The University of Wisconsin Badgers do not have any national championships in football.

Most college football national championships?


When did Princeton last win a college football national championship?

n did princeton last win national championship in college basketball

Most College football championships?

Princeton claims 28 national championships since 1869, the first season of college football. However, since 1936 (when the AP Poll began), both Alabama and Notre Dame are tied with 8 consensus titles.

Which college football team has the most national championships?

Princeton has the most "national championships" in history with 26 recognized titles (although Princeton claims 28). Since the "poll era" began in 1936, Alabama leads with 10 recognized "national championships" (although Alabama makes dubious claims to many other titles during the same span).

Who has the most college football national championships?

notre dame

How many national championships does yale have in college football?


Coach with Most national championships in college football?

Larry Kehres, of Mount Union College, Division III, with 9 national championships.

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