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At least one for every team

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Q: How many coaches are there in basketball?
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How many women coaches have had basketball courts named after them?


How many NCAA basketball coaches have 500 wins?


How many basketball coaches are there in the world?

u cant determine that

When was Women's Basketball Coaches Association created?

Women's Basketball Coaches Association was created in 1981.

When was National Association of Basketball Coaches created?

National Association of Basketball Coaches was created in 1927.

How many players on a basketball team bench?

17 including coaches

How many men's college basketball coaches have 400 wins?


How many coaches have won multiple ncaa basketball championships?

All of them?

How many assistant coaches on an NBA basketball team?


How many head coaches has the university of Wyoming's women's basketball program had?


How many black coaches are there NCAA division 1 basketball?


How many assistant coaches allowed per team in NCAA basketball?


How many former you t lady vols basketball player or coaches?


Can a basketball team play without coaches?

yes but they have assistant coaches also

How many college basketball polls?

There are many college basketball polls. The main ones are. AP USA Today RPI Coaches Poll

How much do professional basketball coaches make?

The professional basketball coaches make an average of $3.4 million per year. There are professional coaches in the USA who earn more than this.

How many high school girls basketball coaches are there in Texas?

For every team there is a coach

How many coaches have won NCAA basketball championships that graduated from that school?

i know roy Williams has

How many ncaa women's basketball coaches have 500 wins?

PAT SUMMIT is the only one!

How many active NCAA division 1 basketball coaches have won a national championship?

As of March 2011, that would be 11 coaches (NCAA Div I men's)

Who are the Best college basketball coaches?

Lute Olsen!

What degree do basketball coaches need?

Lynna Marie :))

How many ncaa basketball championships has been won by black coaches?

Two black coaches have won the NCAA Basketball Championship. John Thompson of Georgetown in 1984 and Nolan Richardson of Arkansas in 1994.

What do coaches look for in tryouts for high school basketball?

Good basketball players, of course.

How do you use the plural possessive word coaches' in a sentence?

Mr. Smith coaches the women's basketball team..