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2010-03-26 21:19:04
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Q: How many cheerleaders on the patriots cheerleading squad?
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How many cheerleaders are on a single cheerleading squad?

Between 11 - 15

How many players on a cheerleading squad?

There is no limit but usually 20-30 people. And they aren't called players they're called cheerleaders.

How many cheerleaders statisticlly can tumble?

majority of the time... if you cant tumble, your going to have a hard time getting on a good cheerleading squad. 99%?

How many cheerleaders are there in a football game?

it dependa on the cheerleading coach. the cheerleading coach usually picks the amount of cheerleaders she or he wants in a game.

Do they have cheerleading in college?

yes many colleges have cheerleaders

Is cheerleading a professional sport?

Though many don't consider it one, yes, cheerleading is a professional sport- NFL football teams have cheerleaders. Also, there are many levels of competition in cheerleading- there's a Worlds competition for all-star cheerleaders and a Nationals competition for highschool cheerleaders.

How many Cheerleaders on an NFL squad?


How many cheerleaders did the patriots have in 2008?


How many cheerleaders are typically on the Dallas Cowboys squad?

The Dallas Cowboys employ 36 young ladies every NFL season. Each year tryouts are held to determine the newest members of the professional cheerleading squad.

How long does cheerleaders stay with cheerleading?

Many cheerleaders stay with cheering through college and may become professional cheerleaders later in life

How many girls are on cheerleading sqad?

There are about 12-35 cheerleaders on a team

How many players can be on a cheerleading team?

really it could be as many as far as the cheerleaders skills

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