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Q: How many chariots did the philistines have no one can answer this wow that great?
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How many times did David beat the Philistines?

He beat the Philistines one time when was the king but he beat the philistines two times in King Saul's days. That makes it three times in his life.

Whes did did roman find chariots?

The Romans did not find chariots. They were one of the ancient civilisation which made chariots.

Who drove the chariots in the movie ben hur?

one of the drivers was joe canutt. the son of the great stunt man ykima canutt.

What is the Main god of the Philistines?

The only named in the Bible, which is one of the few sources of information about the Philistines, is Dagon. His appearance is not described but it is suspected that he was a sort of sea monster.

What are chariots?

A chariot is a small two wheeled cart that can be pulled by either one horse or as many as ten.

What war did David slay the giant?

In one of the many battles between the Israelites and the Philistines. 1 Samuel ch.17.

How many soldiers are denoted by one'Akshouhini' in the Mahabharat war?

Considering that one Akshouhini comprises 21870 elephants, 21870 chariots, 65610 horses and 109350-foot soldiers, Considering that one Akshouhini comprises 21870 elephants, 21870 chariots, 65610 horses and 109350-foot soldiers,

How many drivers were there in a chariot?

A chariot had only one driver. War chariots would have a fighter in the cart with the driver, but there was only one guy who handled the whip and reigns.

Who was the leader of the Philistines?

The leader of the Philistines was usually referred to as a king or ruler. One of the most famous Philistine kings was Goliath, who was defeated by the biblical figure David.

Where can one find a Chariots of Fire DVD online?

Chariots of Fire is available at a lot of stores that sell DVDs. Walmart, Kmart, Target, Sears, and Amazon all have this title available on their websites.

How did chariots help the hittites in battle?

There is disagreement about how, exactly, Hittites used chariots. Their tactics may or may not have changed during the course of the empire. It is clear that they used chariots as bow platforms for at least some of their battles. A charioteer and his driver (the two-man chariot), covered with bronze, scale armor and using a composite bow with a range of up to 250 meters or so, could maneuver into position to fire at an enemy on foot while being virtually invulnerable to infantry. Most infantry did not have composite bows, and could not get close enough to the chariots to fire back with their simple bows. Generally, only chariots could counter other chariots. Egyptian reliefs of the Battle of Kadesh (circa 1275 BCE) depict three men in Hittite chariots: one driver, one shield holder, and one spear carrier. Some people believe that this means the Hittites used these chariots as a sort of jousting platform. Others think this unlikely, and that the depiction may have more to do with Egyptian propaganda that with reality.

What are the 1924 Olympics that has 2 links to the film industry?

One of them is 'Chariots Of Fire' by Hugh Hudson