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The Tar Heels have, 6 National Championships in Men's Basketball, One in Women's Basketball, 6 in Field Hockey, 4 in Men's Lacrosse, 2 in Men's Soccer, and 21 National Championships in Women's Soccer.

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2012-01-18 13:53:11
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Q: How many championships do the tarheels have in each sport?
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How many mens basketball championships have the carolina tarheels won?

The Tar Heels have won five titles.

How many ACC championships does Duke have?

Depends which sport

How many national championships does UNC have?

The TarHeels have 6 in Men's Basketball, 4 in Lacrosse, 2 in Men's Soccer, 1 in Woman's Basketball, 6 in Field Hockey, and 21 Woman's Soccer National Championships.

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How many current NBA players are from NC Tarheels?

How many players are in the NBA from UNC

How many national champiohsips has Carolina tarheels won?

In football, none. Their best years were 1980-81, when they finished each season ranked in the top ten.

How many total national championships has West Virginia won?

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