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17 championships, 20 conference titles, 27 division titles. The Celtics also holds the NBA record of players that have been enshrined into the Basketball Hall of fame,33.

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Q: How many championships did the Boston Celtics win in their history?
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Who has more championships in the nba the Boston celtics or the la lakers and by how many?

The Boston Celtics currently have the most with 17 championships,while the Lakers are right behind them with 15.

How many championship rings did Boston Celtics win?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA championships.

How many champoinships have the Boston celtics won?

17 championships

How many championships do the Boston celtics have?

if im correct 17 or 18

How many times have the Celtics won the championship consecutuive?

Back in the 1960's the Boston Celtics won 8 straight championships and they have 17 total championships. I think an argument could be made that they are the greatest franchise in the history of pro sports.

How many NBA championships have the Boston Celtics won between1990 2008?


How many basketball championships did the Boston Celtics have between 1950-1990?


How many rings do Boston Celtic have?

The Celtics have won 17 NBA championships.

How many consecutive championships have Boston Celtics won?

8. '59-'66

How many championship Boston Celtics has won since 1985?

2 championships. 1986 and 2008.

How many teams were in the NBA during the 8 consecutive championships of the Boston Celtics?

There are 32 teams.

How many rings do the Celtics have?

The Boston Celtics have 17 rings for the 17 NBA championships they have won.