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Q: How many championships did Larry bird and Robert Parish win together?
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What years did Larry bird and Robert Parish win championships together?

Altogether, Bird and Parish won in 1981 (against the Houston Rockets), in 1984 (against the Los Angeles Lakers), and in 1986 (again against the Rockets), making the total of 3 championships. Much later in his career, Parish would once again receive a championship ring, this time with the Chicago Bulls in 1997.

Who were Larry birds teammates?

Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge.

What are the Boston Celtics legends?

Larry Bird Robert Parish John Havlicek and Paul Peirce

Who started for the Boston Celtics in 1981?

tiny archibald Larry bird Robert parish cornbread maxwell rick robey

How many championships did Larry Bird win?

Larry Bird won three NBA championships

Best NBA team of all time?

Scotty Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordon, Larry Bird, Robert Parish

Who are the big 3 Celtics?

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Answer: From the Celtics of the 80's: Kevin McHale, Robert Parish and Larry Bird.

How may championships does Larry bird have?

Larry Bird from Indiana has 28 NBA Titles.

How many national championships did Larry bird win?


How many NBA Championships did the Celtics win with Larry Bird?

3 NBA Championships (1981, 1984, 1986)

Which former Celtic won an NBA title with both Michael Jordan and Larry Bird?

* Robert ParishRobert Parish played in 1,611 NBA games, as of 2006 the highest total in the history of the league.

How many rings did Larry bird have?

Larry bird had 3 nba championships. 1981,1984 and 1986

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