How many cars sachin have?

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Q: How many cars sachin have?
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How many cars sachin tendulkar have?

4 cars including His Ferrari

How many cars does Sachin Tendulkar have?

It's not known how many cars Sachin Tendulkar has. He does love cars and loves collecting them. He does own a Porsche Boxter, a Mercedes Benz C36, and a Nissan GT-R.

How many tests sachin have played?

sachin has played in 177 tests.

How many sixes sachin hits in odi?

286 sixes hits sachin in ODI .

How many test did sachin tendulkar took to complete 10000 runs?

How many years in sachin tendulkar 10000 runs

How many 100 does sachin have?


How many centuries did sachin his ODI's?

SACHIN TENDULKARhas 49 century in one day international cricket

How many runs made by sachin in test?

15,921 runs has been scored by sachin tendulkar in tests.

How many six and fours hit by sachin?

In ODI's sachin has hit 2016 fours and 195 sixes.

Except sachin how many having ferrari in India?

there are lots of ferrari's in India. Almost 35 accordinlgy to official statements from Ferrari Chief Lanni. Also in Pune there are 3 cars.

How does sachin get the name 'sachin'?

Sachin got he's name sachin from his Parents ....

How many fifty in odi sachin?