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Depends on the track and/or sanction the race is in, most sanctions have limits. without knowing your favorite race type I cant tell you.

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Q: How many cars are in a race?
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How many cars are in a Nascar Cup Series race?

43 race cars in each race.

How many cars can enter the indianopolis 500 race?

33 cars can start the race.

How many cars are entered in every Nascar race?

Their are several cars that don't qualify for a race because they where to slow. Only 43 race cars can be allowed to race so its not over crowded on the race track.

Why do race cars race?

If race cars didn't race they wouldn't be race cars.

Where can one find images of a racecar?

There are many places where a person can find images of race cars. One good place to find images of race cars are in books about racing. A local library or bookstore would have books with pictures of race cars in them. Also, many sites online have pictures of cars and race cars.

How many cars are entered in each Nascar Cup Series race?

43 cars race in each Nascar Sprint Cup race. The numbers change on how many enter.

If there are 156 ways for two cars to win first and second place in a race how many cars are in the race?


What type of engine is used in race cars?

You will have to be more specific. Race car is too broad a term. There are many different types of race cars using many different engines.

How may cars race on the track at one time?

in Nascar it is 43 world of outlaws sprint cars is 24 and any other unknown race track has as many cars that enter the race in each class

How many cars or bikes race at one time in a drag race?


How many cars race in the Indy?


How many cars in a drag race?


How many cars are on the track of a NASCAR?

43 cars start the race for a NASCAR event.

How many different finishes of cars are possible in a car race of 25 cars?


How many cars started the 2011 Daytona 500?

43 cars started the race.

How do you get into racing cars?

There are many different kinds of race cars. A NASCAR race car for example, you into it by climbing through the drivers side door window.

Where was the last race ran and how many cars?


How many race cars are in a Nascar Cup Series race at one time?


What is the overall length of the race car in inches?

There are many types of "race cars". Be more specific.

How many cars were in the 2011 NASCAR All-Star race?

There were 21 cars in the race, 3 transferring from the All-Star challenge and 18 in the normal field

Can a race car fit up to two people?

Most race cars are only seat the driver, the only 2 seater race cars have a navigator like rally cars, and dessert race cars.

How many cars start in a Nascar Sprint Cup Series race?

There are 43 cars that start each Nascar Sprint Cup Series race.

How many race cars race?

In unsuccessful tournaments such as the now defunct FIA sports car championship as little as 7 cars on track or as many as 80 in some races such as the Bahrain 24 hour

How many cars in soap box derby race?


Are Indy race cars faster than Nascar race cars?