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Jackie Robinson accumulated 1,518 hits over his 10-year career.

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Q: How many career hits did Jakie Robinson have?
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How many bases did jakie Robinson steal?

Robinson stole 197 bases in his 10 year MLB career.

How many hits did Jackie Robinson have in his career?


How many baseball teams did Jakie Robinson play for and when did he do those teams?

None it's Jackie Robinson

How many hits did Robinson Jackie Robinson make?

Robinson had 1518 regular season hits in his 10 year Major League career with a lifetime batting average of .311.

How many years did Jakie robison play for the brokln dodgers?

Jackie Robinson played his entire ten year Major League career with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 through 1959.

How many pages does the book Jakie Robinson have?

the book is probably sold in different sizes, so the number of pages vary.

How many career home runs did Frank Robinson hit?

Frank Robinson hit 586 career home runs.

How many years of dodgers did jakie robison do in baseball?

Jackie Robinson played 10 seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 -1956.

How many steals did Jackie Robinson have in his career?


Jackie Robinson what did they accomplish?

actually, jakie Robinson was the first African American player in a major league baseball team (the Brooklyn dodgers) in 1947. millions admired jakie for his great skills as an athlete. millions more were inspired by his courage. Robinson bore with bravery the pressure of being an individual so many people wanted to see succeed-and so many others expected to see fail.

How many stolen bases did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson had 197 career stolen bases.

How many hits did Mickey Mantle have in his career?

Mickey had 2,415 hits in his career.

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