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Q: How many caps has Frank Lampard got?
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Has Frank Lampard got a wife?


When did Frank Lampard get married?

He never got married.

What famous football players got a university degree?

Frank Lampard !

Why is Frank Lampard nicknamed fat frank when he's got a six pack?

Technically Fat Frank is not Fat, but every one calls him FAT FRANK LAMPARD because theoretically speaking he is a FAT B******D

Who is better at football Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

easily frank lampard because steven Gerrard got in a punch up and nearly killed a disjokey boo hiss

Did Frank Lampard have brothers or sisters?

Hes got 2 sisters. Claire & Natalie

Frank Lampard has got 12 gces in which subject?

This question makes ALL the sense

Where does Lampard live?

Frank Lampard lives in London, England. He was born in London, and has played many years for the English national team, where he most recently got knocked out of the group stage in World Cup 2014.

What cars has Frank Lampard got?

i don't know cause i am to buzy watching Manchester united play.

Does Frank Lampard have a brother or sister?

he got a half-brother... I've meet him once, they got different moms as far as i know

How many caps has ronaldinho got?

Ronoldhino has 89 caps.

How many goals did lampard get 20072008 season?

he got 56 goals

How many caps has Gareth bale got for wales?

He had got 4 caps for Wales U21's and has currently got 24 caps for the Wales 1st team.

How many international caps has messi got?


How many caps has Michael Owen got?


How many caps has peter shilton got?


How many caps has carrol got for Liverpool?


How many caps has arshavin got?

Andrei Arshavin has a total of 344 caps in his senior career.

Who is better lampard or drogba?

Lampard is better because Lampard has skills,can score free kicks from distance and can shoot from long distance. Lampard has had better seasons in the past years and Drogba only has got the player of the Chelsea team last year. Lampard has got the Chelsea player of the year 3 or 2 times. Lampard got it last year he was the highest goalscoring midfielder last year and the year before. He sets people up like Anelka, Drogba, Malouda and many others in the team. From Matt

Who is better gerrad or lampard?

gerrad because he got more pace but lampard dont have the pace in midfeild

How many international caps has Jonny Wilkinson got?


How many caps has Steven Gerrard got for Liverpool?


How many England caps has Ashley cole got?


How many England caps has Joe hart got?


How many caps has David Villa got for Spain?