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The exactly number of cameras that are used during a live soccer game, is very different from TV-station to TV-station. I'm a TV-producer, and I produces sports for the most, and my observations are:

- During the early qualification games, the productions can be very easy, from 4-5 cameras, to 10-12. Most TV-stations is using more than 4-5, but the small TV-stations have a tighter budget.


- In the national broadcasted finals, it's usually over 20 cameras sending live back to the OB-truck. But again, not all Outside Broadcasting-trucks (OB-trucks) can take 20+ cameras, so it's very up to what kind of equipment and OB-vans the Broadcaster is using. Here in Norway we are using 31 cameras during the Grand Final every year. Then we are sending in HD, with a extremly advanced and expensive OB-trucks, as well as a 5.1 Sound-truck worth millions as well.

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Q: How many cameras are used in a stadium at a live soccer game?
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