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It really depends on how much you moved, and how long it took you. If you provide more information, I could probably give you a good estimate.

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What if the pool wasn't covered for the off season and I spent 4 hours with a shop vac and a broom, moving (not vigorously) the entire time? How many calories would it burn?
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Paige Moore

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2y ago
I clean pools for a living I spend about 1 hour cleaning it wondering how many calories I burn

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Q: How many calories jogging in a pool burn?
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How many calories do you burn playing pool?


How many calories burn walking in swimming pool for 20 minutes?

about 350 to 450 depending on your weight.

How long would it take to burn 1500 calories swimming?

I5 hundred seconds in a round 300 by 400 pool!

How many calories are burned swimming for 1 hour 100pounds?

How many calories are burned when swimming depends on the person's weight and the size of the pool. For a person who weighs 150 pounds in a pool that is 25 yards in length they will burn 414 calories for an hour of doing a front crawl.

If you walk 1.0 mile in a pool how many miles do you walk on land?

1 mile. But you burn more calories walking through water.

Why are you hungry coming out of the pool?

you burn a lot of calories and you use a lot of energy when you go swimming :) hope that helped ;P

How do you slim down quickly?

Long distance slow speed jogging, swimming, even walking up and down the pool will burn calories. No fatty or oily foods, plenty of vegetables, go easy on bread and pasta. Make yourself a daily manu of excercise and STICK TO IT Good Luck, do your best.

How many calories is burned in doing 16 laps using a large pool?

476 calories

How many lengths to swim in a 15 meter pool?

40 lengths of a 15m pool at the gym today can you tell me how many calories in ...

How many calories burned swimming 25 yards in a pool?

It depends on how fast you swim and how much you exert yourself. You can burn about 900 calories an hour just sitting/walking around in the pool so if you take a long time doing laps you'll burn a lot more.

How many calories do you burn when you jog or run three miles?

It all depends on your weight. If you run the whole thing and are about 130 pounds you may burn up to 250 calories. If you jog it will be a little less. :( if you run this amount every day for a week, you may result in loosing two or three pounds, if you watch what you eat!

Can fireworks burn pool liners?

Um yeah if the pool is empty.