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The degree of resistence will determine how much. You would have to account for your weight, the weight of the bike, the surface you're riding on, the material, density and texture of the tires you're riding on, the angle of the surface you're riding on...It's subjective, so has no one right answer.

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Depends on how hard you ride. If you're only pootling around - not many. If you're getting sweaty and winded, maybe 100.

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Q: How many calories does riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes burn?
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How many calories do you burn riding a bike for 12 miles in 55 minutes?

i believe the average for riding 12 mph in an hour is 550 calories but it depends on the person and type of riding

How long to ride 7 miles on stationary bike?

Talking about riding speeds and riding distances on a stationary bike is rather pointless because the bike isn't going anywhere, at any speed. If you're riding for exercise, count the time instead.

Where can I find more information on stationary exercise?

Stationary exercise is exercising when riding your bike. Some examples of stationary exercising are riding your bike through hills, forests, and other areas. You may find information on stationary exercise here,

Does riding a stationary bike help to lose weight fast?

Riding a stationary bike is a great way to lose weight. Any kind of physical activity is a great step toward healthy living and personal fitness.

What are some good exercise programs that don't include pills?

Walking, riding your bike or you could buy a stationary bike. for me riding my bike helps me to stay in shape it could help you to

How do you get started riding a stationary bike 6 weeks after hip surgery?

dream you are doing it

Is stationary bike riding good for post hernia surgery?

Exercise as a rule is good, and bike riding is a fairly mild exercise form - but you need to consult your doctor.

What would you be suprised to have happen while riding a stationary bike?

Fall Off, Start Moving, Bike Crash, Flat Tire

What results in a sprain of the sacrococcygeal ligaments?

In my case,apparently, it came from riding a gym stationary bike...

How many calories do you burn during bike riding four to six minutes?

Not enough to matter really. Full effort, between 80-120 calories, average effort 40-60.

What type of gym equipment is used to simulate riding a bicycle?

Typically, a stationary exercise bike is used to simulate riding a bicycle. The stationary bike has pedals, and a seat - with many newer models having resistance settings which allow for a more intense workout.

Which is better a air bike or stationery bike?

An air bike is a kind of stationary bike, which makes the whole question moot. For any stationary bike what you want to look for is a decent riding position, a smooth power train with easily adjustable resistance and a reasonably quiet operation.