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Depends how much time you spend doing karate. But it doesn't burn that much, I heard training in boxing helps burn a lot. The key is to not eat many things with calories and keep moving a lot to burn calories and also fat.

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Q: How many calories does karate burn?
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How many calories do you burn just by smiling?

You Burn 100 CALORIES But when you smile the strongest you burn 1,000 Calories

How many calories do tomatoes burn?

Tomatoes do not burn calories.

How many calories do you burn drawing?

you burn 2 calories from drawing

How many calories did i burn doimg cardio?

how many calories did I burn doing cardio

How many calories does an hour of karate burn?

It depends on how drastic you do karate and exercise yourself. If you spend an hour doing some relaxed and not strenuous exercises it doesn't help burn too much calories at all. If you are serious and do some useful movements and training of muscles, it does help you. In fact, doing any kinds of sports other than karate ,can help you burn calories in an hour, such as running, swimming and kung fu. Bear in mind it depends on your program you do.In a 2 hour class you may actually only do an hour of strenuous karate. I read that in karate you burn 10 calories per minute and for Tai Chi you burn 4 calories per minute. So in one class you can burn anywhere between 480 to 1200 calories. It is realistic that you should look between 600 to 840 for two hours. However, the more you weight the more you burn. A 245 pound 19 year old male can burn 861 per hour while a 145 pound male can burn 626

How many calories does figure skating burn?

you burn about 346 calories an hour.....

How many calories do you burn when figure skating?

you burn about 346 calories an hour.....

Burn 31 carbohydrates how many calories?

You don't burn carbs, you only burn calories and fat.

How many calories does a sneeze burn?

About 3 calories.

How many calories do you burn tubing?

10 calories

How many calories do you burn swimming?

You can burn 10 calories every 20 minutes

How many calories do you burn playing rugby?

I think they burn at least 110 calories

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