How many calories does Tom Brady need?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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He doesn't need any calories. He has 3 SuperBowl rings.

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Q: How many calories does Tom Brady need?
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How many sister's does tom Brady have?

Tom Brady has three sisters, Maureen, Julie and Nancy.

Who is better Tom Brady or Joe Flacco Tom Brady.?

Tom Brady!

Who is better Tom Brady or Drew Brees?

Tom Brady

How many interceptions did Tom Brady throw in 2007?

Tom Brady threw 8 interceptions in 2007.

Does Tom Brady have an insragram account?

There are many accounts that claim to me Tom Brady, but he doesn't actually have an Instagram

Tom brady's screen name?

Tom Brady is Tom Brady's screen name.

How many times was Tom Brady sacked in 2006?

Tom Brady was sacked 26 times in the 2006 season

How many passing yards did Tom Brady have for 2011?

Tom Brady passed for 5,235 yards for the 2011 season.

Does Tom Brady text?

tom brady

How many passing touchdowns does Tom Brady have?

Tom Brady ended the 2007 season with 50 touchdown passes.

What is tom brady's ethnicity?

Tom Brady is Irish.

Who is Tom Brady father?

Tom Brady's parents are Tom Sr. and Galynn.