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kickboxing on average for a female burns 545 calories per hour and for a male around 600 calories.

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Q: How many calories does 1 hour of kick boxing burn?
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How many calories Turbo kick boxing?


How many calories does 1 hour of cardio kick boxing burn?

It depends on how much you weigh and how hard you're working. The more you weigh the more calories you burn. If you exercise a level 1 (very easy) you're not going to burn as much as you would if you were at level 5 or above. I best way know is to get a heart rate monitor (you can find them on the web for about $100) it will tell you exactly how many calories you burn.

How many calories do you lose kick boxing?

The number of calories burned while kickboxing, based on a 150 pound woman exercising at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes, is around 125-250 calories per hour.

Is kick boxing fake?

No kick boxing is not fake.

Is kick boxing real or fake?

Kick boxing, also called Muay Thai, is very real.

How do you spell kick boxing in Spanish?

Hod do you sell kick boxing in spanish

What is kick boxing called in Japan?


Is kick boxing arobic or anerobic?

Kick boxing is arobic. The difference is in kick boxing you are all ways movng for a long period of time. If kick boxing was anearobic you would only fight for a half minute or a full minute.

Whats a workout video that really burns calories?

Something that gets you moving, like a Tai-boe or kick-boxing, or even a dance step video is good. Even so, something like yoga will still burn calories, only fewer and it will be less intense.

How many calories burned kick boxing?

Thirty minutes of kickboxing burns about 300 calories, so kickboxing is an excellent way of increasing your calorie expenditure, which will help you to lose weight.

How can you increase the number calories you burn?

Exercise longer, and make sure to kick up the workout intensity also.

Is karate is kick boxing?

They are not the same. Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa. Kick boxing is a martial art that originated in Thailand.

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