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The bumps on a Basketball, called pebbling, are quite numerous. In fact, there are 9,342,059 of them on a regulation size basketball.
there are 1,234,469,623

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Q: How many bumps on a basketball?
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there should be no bumps on any normal basketball.

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Pimples on basketball?

Yes, in fact the bumps on a basketball do look like pimples!

What is texture of a basketball?

Slightly rough, with raised bumps to aid in ball handling.

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If your the surface of your hands starts to look like the bumps on the basketball, and start to itch uncontrollably, chances are it is a latex basketball. If you wheeze every time you play basketball, chances are it is a latex basketball. Of course, this is only if you have an allergy like I do. I have never encountered a basketball that did not have latex.

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