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Its Champions legue and England clubs is Liverpool And Manchester United Scotland club is Celtic Fc and Notingham Forrest

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Q: How many british clubs have won the european cup?
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How many british born footballers have played for more than 3 different clubs and won the European cup?


How many clubs have won the European cup in their own stadium?


How many british football clubs have won the European cup?

Here are some Glasgow Celtic, Man Utd, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool

How many European teams have been in the world cup?

Here countries go to the world cup not clubs.

Which two footballers have played for two different British clubs in European Cup Champions League finals?

William gallas and toress

Who have won European cup for different clubs?

alex graham

Comparison of European cup of nations and European champion league?

The Champions Leagues is for soccer clubs and the European Cup of Nations is for international teams. So in the Champions League you would have clubs from various countries playing each other, including clubs from the same country, whereas the European Cup is for the national teams. The Champions League is won by a club and the European Cup of Nations is won by a country.

What was the champions league called before?

European Champion Clubs' Cup.

Which goalkeeper has won fa cup and European cup with different clubs?

van Der Saar

Does Belgian teams participate in European cup in fifa 10?

Yes Belgian clubs do take part in the European cup and champion league.

What is the champions league for?

The champions league is a European club football (soccer) competition organized by the UEFA. It was formerly known as the European Champions Clubs' Cup and the European Cup.

Which player has won the European cup with four different clubs?

Clarence Seedof

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