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Four. They are:

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Q: How many football clubs are there in west London?
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What football clubs have the biggest turnover?

west bromwich albion

How many football clubs are there in London?

There are 13 league clubs based in London: In the Premiership, Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United. In the Championship, Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers. In League One, Brentford, Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient and Millwall. In League Two, Barnet and Dagenham & Redbridge In addition there are hundreds of smaller London clubs playing throughout the non-League pyramid.

How many clubs in the English premier league are from London?

there are five this season: Arsenal Chelsea Fulham Tottenham Hotspur West Ham

What football clubs have been relegated?

In the E.P.L it is NewCastle United, West Brom, Middllesbrough.

How many premiership football teams are there in London?

5 (Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Tottenham, West Ham)

What do London people play for sport?

With a population of over 7 million, many sports are widely played in London; there are several top association football clubs based in London (Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Fulham, Crystal Palace come to mind). There are also two professional cricket teams (Surrey and Middlesex) that are based in London.

How many London clubs currently play in the premiership?

6 - Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, Chelsea, West Ham, Crystal Palace

Who are the most successful football team in London UK?

West Ham

What is the name of the national football stadium in North West London?


How many Foreign owned premiership football clubs?

At the end of 2007 how many England Premiereship football (soccer) clubs were foreign owned? ( Manchester Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Fulham, Portsmouth and West Ham) Eight is this right or is sunderland foreign owned

Which English football clubs are furthest North south East and West?

plymouth berwick norwich plymouth

Famous football clubs in the north west?

Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn rovers, Burnley....

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