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Q: How many british born footballers have played for more than 3 different clubs and won the European cup?
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Which two footballers have played for two different British clubs in European Cup Champions League finals?

William gallas and toress

Who are the British born footballers who have played in a European cup final for a European side?

Steve mcmanaman for real Madrid

How many welsh footballers have played in a European cup final?


How many british born footballers who have played for three different clubs which have won the European cup?

6 british born playersAlan mcinally dean saundersdavid plattmark hughesGary Charlestony cascarinowhat about paul ince Liverpool man utd interStan CollymoreLaurie CunninghamMichael OwenDavid Beckham

British footballers who have played for Barcelona football club?

Gary Linekar, Steve Archibald, and Mark Hughes

Which british footballers have played for Barcelona?

Gary Lineker, -I can't really think of anyone else....Mark Hughes too

Which footballers have played for four different teams in the champions league?

nicolas anelka michael laudrup luis figo

Which footballers have Played for arsenal and Chelsea?


What british team has Diego maradona played against?

The only European club he played for are Barcelona and Napoli.

Which 4 footballers played for fiveteams that won the European cup but never won the cup himself?

Dean Saunders, Ronaldo, Pierre Van Hooijdonk, Laurent Blanc.

Which British player has played for 3 different European cup winning teams but never won a medal?

Michael Owen (Liverpool, Real Madrid and Man United)

Which scottish footballers have played in Spain?

Alan Hutton, who else?

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