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Q: How many boxers can represent one country in Olympics for one weight category?
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What us boxers won gold in the 1980 Olympics?

The United States boycotted the 1980 Olympics.

Who are the women boxing at the London Olympics?

They are boxing other women boxers.

Can professional boxers compete in the Olympics?

Technically no. The Olympics are for "amateur" atheletes, those who do not make their livelyhood by the sport they compete in.

Are boxers with beards allowed in the Olympics?

No boxers are not allowed to wear beards in the ring , as some are idiotic and loose their head in frustration, like Tyson bit a boxers ear once. So as to avoid injury it is not allowed.

What year were women allowed to compete in boxing Olympics?

It wasn't seen as a big enough sport category to be included. Basically, think about how many famous female boxers the average person can name, straight off their head: few, if any.

Chinese secret group pledged to rid the country of foreign devils?

The Chinese secret group pledged to rid the country of foreign devils were called Boxers.

Why do boxers shake like if they got out of bath?

First off Yorkshire Terrier category really? Second it's to dry themselves.

What colour are boxers shoes?

mostly black but sometimes they have the flag of which country there from on there boots

What was the Chinese secret group that pledged to rid the country of foreign devils?


What games will Afghanistan play in 2012 Olympics?

Afghan female boxers hope to compete in 2012 Olympic taekwondo Women's boxing Nasir Hakimi

What is the salary for beginning boxers?

An average boxer makes around 8,000, it all depends on what is an "average"... And well, it all depends on which country its happening.. in china or Korea mma fighters are better paid than boxers, some boxers turned into mma cuz of that

What bostwana athletes are competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Botswana qualified two boxers to compete in the 2008 Summer Games. They are bantamweight Khumiso Ikgopoleng and featherweight Thato Batshegi.