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Q: How many bowls did Tim Tebow lead the gators to?
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How many national championships has Tim Tebow lead the gators to?

Tebow lead the team to a national championship once, as a junior although he shared time at the quarterback position when the Gators won the National Championship his freshman year.

How many years did Tim Tebow start for the gators?


How many super bowls has Tim Tebow won?


How many Super Bowls have the gators won?

None.They don't play in the Superbowl.

How many Super Bowls did the Florida Gators win?

None, the Florida Gators are a college team. The Superbowl is played between teams in the NFL.

Who is the greatest athlete ever to play for the Florida Gators?

Tim tebow, Percy harvin, and many more. Tim tebow and Percy harvin could win the heisman.

How many players have The Florida Gators have to win the Heisman?

Three. Steve Spurrier. Danny Wuerfell. Tim Tebow

How many Times was Tim Tebow a team captain for the football team at the University of Florida?

Tim Tebow was selected captain of the Florida Gators Football team twice, in 2008 and 2009.

How many Hesiman Trophy winners does the Florida gators college football had and who are they?

They have 3. Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim Tebow.

How many Heisman trophies winners have UF gators had?

Three: Steve Spurrier (1966), Danny Wuerffel (1996) and Tim Tebow (2007).

How many Florida Gators quarterbacks are active NFL players?

one Tim tebow for the denver broncos Make that two... Rex Grossman for the Washington Redskins.

How many times in history have the Florida Gators won against the Arkansas Razorbacks?

As of 08/15/2012, the Florida Gators lead the series with the Arkansas Razorbacks 8-1-0.

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