How many bowl games has fsu won?

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Florida State has won 24 postseason bowls, for a record of 24-14-2.

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Q: How many bowl games has fsu won?
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How many FSU Seminole players won super bowl rings?


Who won FSU or Florida in 1993 Orange Bowl?

In the 1993 Orange Bowl game FSU beat Nebraska to claim the National Title. FSU beat Florida in 1993 but it wasnt in the Orange Bowl.

What is floridas record against FSU in bowl games?

Through the 2009 season, the two schools have met in bowl games twice with each team winning once. Florida State won the 1995 Sugar Bowl and Florida won the 1997 Sugar Bowl.

How many bowl games has Alabama won?

Alabama has won 26 bowl games.

How many time in the 90's did fsu beat Florida?

They Played 12 Times during the 90's because of the two bowl games and a game every regular season and FSU won 7 times and tied once.

How many bowl games have the South Carolina Gamecocks won?

they won 4 bowl games

Which ncaa Division 1A team has the most consecutive bowl wins in college football?

As of the 2008 season, that is Boston College who has won 8 straight bowl games.Survey says..... X!!!!!!!Florida State won 11 in a row from 85-95. Florida State lost bowl games in 1987,1989,1991,1994 ,1995 Boston College holds the record w/eightUm... FSU won 11 in a row from 85-95. The idiot who posted that FSU lost bowl games is just that, an idiot.1985 FSU 34 - Oklahoma State 23 Gator Bowl1986 FSU 27 - Indiana 13 All-American Bowl1987 FSU 31 - Nebraska 28 Fiesta Bowl1988 FSU 13 - Auburn 7 Sugar Bowl1989 FSU 41 - Nebraska 17 Fiesta Bowl1990 FSU 24 - Penn St. 17 Blockbuster Bowl1991 FSU 10 - Texas A&M 2 Cotton Bowl1992 FSU 27 - Nebraska 14 Orange Bowl1993 FSU 18 - Nebraska 16 Orange Bowl *National Champions*1994 FSU 23 - Florida 17 Sugar Bowl1995 FSU 31 - Notre Dame 26 Orange Bowl

How many acc championships has FSU won?

Assuming you mean football..FSU has won/shared 12 ACC championships.

How many times have the 49'ers won the Super Bowl?

They have won Five super bowl games

How many bowl games has auburn won?


How many bowl games has Florida won?


Who has the lead UF or FSU?

In number of wins, UF, but neither made it to the National BCS Bowl... FSU did NOT make it into the BCS bowls, but UF did make it into the BCS SUGAR bowl.... hope this helps oh, and UF won 51-24 in the Sugar Bowl

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