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1 Doug Williams with Washington Redskins

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Q: How many black quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl as a starter or backup?
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Name of the NFL backup quarterbacks that are black?

Dennis Dixon Michael Vick Jamarcus Russell

Who are the Black starting quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl?

doug Williams

What black quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl?

Only one starting black quarterback has won a super bowl - Doug Williams

Black quarterbacks that won a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams and Dennis Dixon.

How many black Qbs has super bowl rings?

Two black quarterbacks have won Super Bowl Rings as starters, Doug Williams and Russell Wilson.

What black quarterbacks played in the super bowl?

Doug Williams Steve McNair Donovan McNabb

How many black quarterbacks have played in a Super Bowl?

2, Doug Williams and Warren Moon

How many black quarterbacks ever won Super Bowl?

1, Doug Williams, Washington Redskins Super Bowl 22

How many black quarterbacks have lost the super bowl?

Steve Mcnair with the tenessee Titans and Donovan Mcnabb of the Philadelphia Eagles. Both are black and lost in Super Bowls.

How many black quarterbacks have Super Bowl rings?

If you mean starting quarterbacks, Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

First black quarterback to get super bowl ring?

Backup QB Joe Gilliam of the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers for the Steelers Super Bowl IX victory over the Vikings. The first starter was Doug Williams of Washington Redskins in Super bowl XXII. He was also the games' MVP.

Who was the first black quarterback to go to a Super Bowl?

Joe Gilliam as a backup for the Steelers. The first black QB to start and win a Super Bowl was Doug Williams.

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