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6 out of 7 times

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Q: How many big 12 championship has Oklahoma won?
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How many times has the University of Oklahoma State cowboys won the Big Twelve championship?

As of 2008, 0. They have one shared big 8 championship from 1976.

How many times has the University of Oklahoma won the Big Twelve championship?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Oklahoma has won 5 Big 12 South Division championships and 4 overall Big 12 championships. Prior to the formation of the Big 12, Oklahoma played in the Big Eight Conference. Oklahoma won, or shared in winning, 32 Big Eight conference titles.

When was the last time Oklahoma State University won the Big 12 championship?

never, they havent won it yet :(

Has Oklahoma state won big 12 championship in football?

No. Through 2009, their last conference championship was in 1976 as Big 8 co-champs.

How many football championship games have the Oklahoma sooners won?


How many times did the Oklahoma thunder win the nba championship?

Technically the Thunder have never won an NBA championship, but in 1979 they won a championship as the Seattle Supersonics.

Did Troy Aikman win a national championship with Oklahoma?

He was at Oklahoma when they won a national championship, but was hurt for the game itself.

How many big 12 championships has Oklahoma won?

Oklahoma has won 31 big 12 championships. I'm not sure of the breakdown by sport, however.

How many championship belts has the big show won?


Who won the 1956 national championship in football?

University of Oklahoma Sooners won.

Who won the ncaa football national championship in 1985?

The Oklahoma sooners won

Who won the football National Championship in 1956?

University of Oklahoma Sooners won.

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