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Typically, 9 batters are on the line-up at a time. When playing the 'extra player' rules, you can bat 10 players.

Usually, the number of people on a softball team is anywhere from 11-13.

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Q: How many batters are there on a softball team?
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How many softball batters are out before the whole team is out?


How many softball batters must be out before the team is out?

3 must be out

How many softball batters must get out before the whole team is out?


How many Softball batters must be out before the whole team is out?

3 must be out

How many softball batters must be out before the team is all out?

only 3 must be out

How many people play on a regulation softball team?

9 players out on the field but a team usually consists of more players for back-ups and designated batters/fielders.

Seven people joined the soccer team the rest joined the softball team there were 20 people that joined either the soccer or softball team how many people joined the softball team?

20-7= 13... 13 people joined the softball team

How many softball batters have to be out before the whole team is all out?

I only know that tee-ball is three but i also think that it goes the same for soft ball and baseball

How many player on a softball team?

there should be 9 player in a softball game

How many girls are on a softball team?

There are 9 people on the field in a game of softball + reserves.

How does a pitcher earn a win in softball?

Striking out all the batters works. Also not allowing more runs by your opposing team than your team gets is called a win.

How many girls made the team for softball at usc in 2009?

None. USC does not have a softball program.

Does pepperdine university have a softball team?

No they do not have a softball team at Pepperdine.

How many softball battersmust be out before the team is all out?

Three batters must be out before their batting part of the inning is over. They get three more outs in the next inning. by monica

How many people are needed on softball team in order to play?

There needs to be at least 9 people to play on a softball team.

How many players are on the US softball team?


How many high schools have a softball team?


Does Georgetown university have a softball team?

Yes, they do have a women's softball team.

How many people is there to a team in softball team?

it depends cause there are 9 players in a game

How many outs does a team get per inning in softball?


How many infielders are on a fast pitch softball team?


How many championships has the US softball team won?


How many people are on a softball team?

9-10 people.

How many points for a win in softball?

you must score more points than the opposing team to win a softball game.

What was the first softball team called?

The first softball team was vogt. vogts softball team began in 1998..the first person to sign up was A women name Kim Terross