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Arvinda De Silva


Ricky Ponting


Adam Gilchrist

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So far only two Indians have done it in 2011.

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6 centuries by Sachin Tendulkar

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Q: How many batsmen have scored centuries in a world cup final?
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Which batsmen scored three consecutive centuries in world cup?

Steve waugh

How many batsmen scored 100 runs in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup?


How many centuries where made in 2007 world cup?

16 centuries were scored in 2007 world cup.

Who scored 100 centuries in internatinal cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 centuries in the international cricket.He is the one and only.

List of one day international cricket batsmen who have hit back to back centuries in the world?

tamari ma chodao

Why is Ricky Ponting the best batsmen in the world?

He is acknowledged as the best batsmen in the world because he has the best average of the current batsmen in the world at the moment.

The only person to have scored a had trick in a world cup final?

Geoff Hurst of England is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a World cup final. He scored hat-trick in 1966 fifa world cup final against West Germany.

Who scored many half centuries in world cup?

Sachin Tendulkar

How many centuries were scored in the 1979 Cricket World Cup?

In chronological order, the following players scored centuries in the 1979 Cricket World Cup:Gordon Greenidge (West Indies, 106 v. India, June 9)Viv Richards (West Indies, 138* v. England, June 23)The second of these took place in the final of the competition.

Who has scored the most number of half centuries in world cup series?

Sachin Tendulkar with 15 half centuries.

Who Scored in the world cup final?

Andres Iniesta

Who was the winner of five batting titles in the 1980s?

Kansas City Royals great George Brett won American League batting titles in 1975, 1980, and 1990.