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Q: How many basketball players form each team can be on the court at once?
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How many in basketball team player?

There are approximately 15 pplayers on each Basketball team.

In basketball can players form a circle around a player with the ball?

yes because tyler nott is the best basketball playa ever

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Is basketball important?

Yes, basketball is important. Basketball is important for several reasons. It brings people together as a cultural event. It also provides jobs for the players and those involved with managing the team, arena, and concessions at the basketball games. It also is a good form of exercise.

Why do some NBA players wear those covers socks or whatever their called on one of their arms?

Those are actually called "shooting sleeves" and basketball players wear them to help maintain their shooting form.

How many people go in for a scrum in rugby?

In the union code 8 players from each side form the scrum. In the league code its 6 players from each side (league do not have flankers)

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What form can form a scum?

Players piling on each other to move the ball and or gain position for themselves forms a scrum in the game of Rugby.

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What is the possessive form of the word players?

The possessive form of the plural noun players is players'.Example: The players' uniforms are blue and green.

What is the history of the NBA?

On August 3, 1949, after a damaging three-year battle to win both players and fans, the rival Basketball Association of America (BAA) and National Basketball League (NBL) merge to form the National Basketball Association (NBA). The BAA incorporated in 1946, challenging the hegemony of the nine-year old NBL.