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Q: How many base on a baseball diamonds?
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What are some puns for diamonds?

Why are baseball players so rich? They play on diamonds.

How many geometry terms are used in baseball?

Home plate is a pentagon. The bases are called diamonds which is a square but from home plate it is a square on its side. The ball needs to be hit in the arc formed between first and third base.

When will diamonds turn back to coal?

Diamonds are formed from the base element carbon, and so is coal. They are only related through their base element, and are not made from each other.

How many bases in baseball?

there are 4 bases in baseball 1 st base, 2 nd base, 3rd base, and home plate.

What kinds of diamonds are there and how many diamonds are there?

There are numerous 'kinds' of diamonds -- too many to list. The number of diamonds cannot be determined, since not all diamonds have been mined to date.

Why are black diamonds black?

According to Wikipedia:"Carbonado diamonds are typically pea-sized or larger porous aggregates of many tiny black [carbon] crystals."This means that black diamonds are black because their base material is black: no other colour or lack of colour is involved.Read more about carbonado [black] diamonds, below.

How many syllables in baseball?

There are two syllables in baseball, base-ball = 2

In baseball the home base has how many sides?


How many hearts and diamonds?

4hearts 1 diamonds

What does on base percentage means in baseball?

How many times you get on base for the whole season in all of your at bats

How many diamonds has the queen got?

19,210,411,825,754,648,719,361 that's how many diamonds the queen got

Where are many hidden diamonds on what continent?

16 types of diamonds