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Look at the picture.

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rectangle, font, parallel, triangle
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Their are three tennis balls in a pack!

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Q: How many balls are in a tennis ball pack?
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How many balls are in the can of tennis balls?

In a usual match pack of balls there are 4 balls, but you can get tins with 2- 4 balls in them.

How many golf balls come in a pack?

varying on the amount of money the pack is and varying on the brand name of the golf ball can change the amount of how many golf balls are in a pack. They can range from 5 to a pack to 20 golf balls in a pack.

May needs to pack 567 tennis balls into bags of 8 What is the least number of bags she needs to pack all the tennis balls?

71 I do believe

How many table tennis balls come in a pack?

Table tennis balls come in a variety of package sizes from 4 to 144. They also come in a variety of colors.

How many table tennis balls usually come in a pack?

Judging by most ninety nine cents stores i've seen them in, eight to ten table tennis balls usually come in a pack. I've also bought a few packs that have contained around ten balls.

What is the average price of a can of tennis balls in 2011?

Depends where u purchase it. @ my club they are $2.89 for a pack of them

What is the total price of a pack of tennis balls that cost 5.00 plus 3 percent tax?


Why does a tennis ball go flat?

A tennis ball is essentially a pressurized rubber ball covered with cloth. The rubber is not completely impermeable, however, and slowly leaks over time, just like a latex balloon eventually loses its air. Also, the rubber loses some of its elasticity, although that effect is probably negligible, inasmuch as even unused tennis balls that have been removed from their pressure pack become "dead."

How many golf balls are in a pack?

Golf balls such as Titleist Nike and Callaway have 12 in a standard pack, each pack being made of 4 sleeves of 3 balls. Some other manufacturers make packs of 15 and 18.

Will moon bloodgood get muscles?

Yes, she's going to pump herself up some juicy tennis-ball biceps and 6-pack abs.

How could you get master ball besides from Elm?

buy a hack on E-Bay, that gives you x999 of everything you can have in your back pack including master balls.

What is the code to have 99 mater ball in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get a game shark for your game and insert the game pack inot the shark them select unlimited master balls and you will get them but it wont be unlimited anyway

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