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Q: How many awards has Kevin Garnett got?
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When did Kevin Garnett get married?

Kevin Garnett got married in California in 2004!

Where did Kevin garnett get married?

Kevin Garnett got married in California in 2004.

What exact date did Kevin Garnett get married?

Kevin garnett got married in California in 2004

Who got the most money in nba?

Kevin Garnett

What is Kevin Garnett's stepfather's name?

Well Kevin Garnett is my cousin by I don't know what reason. But my family knows Kevin Garnett sense he was a baby. My grandmother which may be his grandmother knows Kevin and always tells us about Kevin. But Kevin father is my uncle and I never got the chance to knoe him. But Kevin step- father will remain anonymous until Kevin feels like he is ready to share that information.

How long has Kevin garnett been playing?

He got drafted in 1995 and have played 14 seasons in the NBA.

How long did Kevin garnett play for minnesota?

12 seasons (1995-2007)... and we miss him! (but glad he finally got his championship that was well-deserved)

Kevin Garnett got paid how much in 2007?

well ya see.....he made lots and lots of money so for ms. Bolton's English class ....its alot

How tall was Kevin Garnett when he got drafted to the NBA?

well hes 6'11-7'0 now, so i guess 17 years ago he was probably 6'10-6'11.

How much does the highest paid basketball player get paid?

In the 2009-10 season Kevin Garnett got paid $24.75million, the most during that season.

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she got seven awards

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she has 4 awards

Did the Minnesota Timberwolves get fair value for Kevin Garnett?

yes they got a amazing player in al Jefferson who averages 20-20 a game and nice assets like Ryan gomes and telfair

What kind of awards did Taylor Swift get?

Not sure how many awards she got, but she got one for country music.

Who is the highest paid basketball player ever?

Kevin Garnett, in his still incomplete career, has accumulated $165,413,420,545,872,999,826 from his NBA salary. Someone else suggested Michael Jordan, who only accumulated $939,772,500 in his career. Jordan got like $36 million dollars in his last year, I don't think Garnett can touch that!

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33 awards

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