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It varied over the years from a dozen to hundreds and thousands.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: How many athletes would compete in the ancient Olympics?
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What is the only way a woman can compete in the ancient Olympics?

Masquerading as a man, which would be difficult an athletes competed naked.

How were the athletes selected for the ancient Olympic games?

Four weeks before the Olympics games, athletes would travel to Elis, a city near Olympia. A final selection was made there, and only those who were chosen could compete at Olympia.

How long would athletes training for ancient ancient Olympics?

about ten months, the equivalent to the Greek year

What is similar about the modern and ancient Olympics?

All the contestants would compete for an Olympic medal !

Why are athletes so important to ancient Greece?

Without them the ancient Greeks would not have been able to start the Olympics.

Which country is sending the most athletes to the Beijing Olympics?

With 639 athletes, China has the most athletes in the Beijing Olympics. The country that has the most athletes that traveled to China to the Olympics would be the the US with 595 athletes.

How would humans live on Jupiter?

Pump oxygen into a contained atmosphere on Jupiter and have top athletes work out over there so when they get to Earth to compete in the Olympics they will be extraordinary

What medals did England win in the 2005 olympic games?

There were no Olympic game in 2005 and even if there were, England would not have won any. Great Britain compete in the Olympics, so any English athletes compete under the GB banner

How many athletes will compete in 2008 Olympics?

That number has not yet been determined since most Olympic committees have not had all of their competitions to determine who will be selected. There were 10,625 athletes that competed in the 2004 Games in Athens so it would be safe to say the number of athletes will be over 10,000.

What is Zeus' temple used for?

For worshipping Zeus, of course. It was also used in the Ancient Greek Olympic games. In it the athletes, judges and trainers swore they had trained for the regulation 10 months, they had trained fairly and that they would judge and compete fairly. Also at the end of the Olympics the winners would be crowned in the temple.

Who were the famous athletes in ancient Greek and what did they wear?

athletes would be naked.

Gold coast is the favorite resort for what type of athlete?

Gold coast is a very popular resort for athletes that would compete in the Olympics. One who competes in marathons and sprints would consider this a good destination.

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