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A total of 311 Canadian athletes will be competing in Beijing Olympics 2008.

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2008-08-09 00:44:13
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Q: How many athletes in the olympic games come from Canada?
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How many athletes train for the Olympics?

today tens of thousands of people come to participate in the olympic games but back in the ancient times only the villagers of Greece participated in the games There are 11,028 Athletes in the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Do the olympic rings represent faster farthest strongest etc?

No. The five rings on the Olympic flag represent the 5 continents from which athletes come to particpate in the games.

Were did the Olympic games come from?

Olympic games originated from Greece.

Do people come from countries or continents for Olympics?

People come from different countries to participate in the Olympic Games. Many of these countries are on different continents, however the athletes represent their country not their continent.

Where do the olympis games from?

The olympic games come from Greece!!!!

Why did the olympic games come to an end?


How many olympic games have been hosted in Canada?

there has been one in Montreal. 2020 may come to Toronto if Toronto wins the bid

Wher did the olympic games come from?

this is a basic question the olympic games came from ancient Greece in 776 BC

What year is the next Olympic games?

The Olympic games come every 4 years. So therefore, the next time the Olympics come on is in the year of 2016.

Why Greece always enters first during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?

During the Opening Ceremonies of the olympics; the athletes from Greece enter first, in honor of the original Olympics held in Greece. Then the other athletes follow by nation in alphabetical order (except for the Beijing 2008 Games where it was based on the number of characters in the country's name). The host country's athletes always come last. After the games are announced as "officially open", this is followed by the raising of the Olympic Flag. The torch ceremony then begins. The running of the torch usually begins weeks before the Olympic ceremony, transporting the Olympic torch to each country that lies between Greece and the host country. The most exciting moment of the Olympic Opening Ceremony is when the torch enters the stadium and is lights the Olympic Flame. The Flame is always kept burning until the end of the Olympic Games. For more history of the Olympic Games :

Come out and play is anthem of which event?

Olympic Games 2012

What are the advantages and of 2010 Vancouver Olympics?

Vancouver will be internationally rconized,tourists come from all over the world,can meet olympic athletes from all over the world,can see the Olympics at home (if you live in Vancouver),Canada can win the Olympics at home for the first time ever.(if you live in Canada)

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